Strange noise came from the room, 3 year old girl started getting scared, parents broke the wall, a horrifying sight was seen inside!


Imagine that one day suddenly strange sounds start coming from your room. If you tell everyone that there is a ghost in your room, but no one believes you, how would you feel? If you are completely convinced, yet no one is believing you, then of course you will get angry. A 3-year-old American girl also felt the same when she complained to her parents about a ghost in the room. The girl said that strange sounds come from her room. The parents thought that she was just making up stories after watching cartoons. But when they found out what the girl said was true, they broke the wall of her room (3 year old girl monster in room) and were shocked to see the horrific scene inside. They had never imagined this.

According to the report of Oddity Central News website, a 3-year-old Saylor Class from Charlotte, North Carolina (USA) complained to her parents about ghosts in her room. A few days ago, the girl had seen a cartoon film related to demons. Because of this, the parents thought that those were just her stories. They gave the girl (Girl hear weird sounds from room wall) a spray bottle filled with water and said that it would be useful in driving away the ghost. But the girl’s words became more serious day by day. Her complaints started increasing.

honey bees found inside wall

Thousands of bees were found inside the wall of the room. (Symbolic photo: Canva)

This was the secret of the voices
Parents again took his words seriously. The mother noticed that a few bees were also seen flying around her house. Mother thought that the sailor might be thinking that there were ghosts after hearing the sound of those bees flying. He called the pest control people. He saw that they were bees, killing which is a crime in America. He realized that the flies were going inside the wall through a hole. Then the girl’s room was scanned with a thermal camera. Then it was revealed that there were not just one or two but hundreds of flies inside.

There were 65 thousand bees in the hive
Beekeepers were called. When the wall was broken, it was found that there was an entire colony of bees there. She was just entering the wall through a hole. The person who came to catch bees said that he had never seen such a big swarm. When he removed the hive, its weight was about 45 kg. About 50 thousand to 65 thousand bees were present in it. The bees had damaged the wiring. Now it will cost at least Rs 16 lakh to get it rebuilt. Due to which they have also suffered a lot of loss. It took a lot of time to drive away so many flies. What is your opinion on this? To read such surprising news, stay connected with News18 Hindi.

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