Should the world be afraid of Trump’s return? Former foreign minister gave the answer



Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called India an important partner. Pompeo also made a big statement on the Russia and Ukraine war.

New Delhi. Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also arrived at Delhi’s Taj Hotel today on the last day of News18’s two-day program Rising Bharat 2024. He played a major role during the tenure of Donald Trump government. It is expected that Trump may again come to power in America during the US general elections to be held later this year. In such a situation, Pompeo gave his reaction on serious issues like US-India relations and Russia-Ukraine war due to Trump’s arrival.

First, he was asked about India-US relations after the coming of the Trump government. The former US Secretary of State said, ‘There will always be trade between India and America. This is natural. The best way to think about how Trump’s second term will be is to know how his first term was. We have also worked with India in the national security space, economics space, and on the global stage. I hope that the policies of the second term of the Trump administration will be similar to the first one.’

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