Russia snubbed America, Putin made such a bold announcement that on hearing it the dictator will say- Mogambo was happy


New Delhi: Russia does not care about America at all. Russia is now in the mood to fight till the end in the Ukraine war. It is not worried at all about the sanctions of the western countries including America. This is the reason why Putin has started playing openly. He has started hugging the enemies of America. As per the rules of the United Nations Security Council, giving anything to North Korea by Russia is against the sanctions. But Putin has ignored the sanctions. He has once again given a snub to America. Vladimir Putin has announced boldly that Russia will supply weapons to North Korea.

Yes, Russia has clearly warned the western countries including America. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday clearly indicated that just like America and other countries are providing weapons to Ukraine, Russia can also provide long-range missiles and other weapons to North Korea and other countries. Putin, who reached Vietnam after his visit to North Korea, told media persons, ‘We do not rule out the possibility of providing weapons to other countries including North Korea. He was reacting to his statement of providing missiles to the opponents of western countries.

We are free to give up our weapons
Russian President Putin said that Russia, like the western countries, also wants to safeguard its rights. It is free to provide weapons to the opponents of the western countries. Morally, no other country can point a finger at this. He also said that Moscow is considering amending its doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons, as the West is working on low-yield weapons to reduce the nuclear threshold.

Russia ready for talks
When asked about the peace conditions offered to Ukraine last week, Putin said Russia has always been ready for negotiations, even though Kiev and its Western backers destroyed both the Minsk process and the Istanbul talks. The Russian President had laid down conditions for peace talks, including Ukraine withdrawing its troops from Donbass and two other regions and giving assurances not to join NATO. He said our conditions can change depending on the ground situation, these are not permanent.

Kim will be happy
Kim Jong will be very happy to hear Putin’s talk of supplying weapons to North Korea. This is what Kim Jong Un wants. The reason for his friendship with Putin is to get weapons, missiles and Russian technology from Russia. This is the reason why Kim Jong Un visited Russia before Putin’s visit. At the same time, by increasing his friendship with North Korea, Putin wants to show the western countries including America that Russia is not alone in the Ukraine war. Also, he is expecting military support from North Korea in the Ukraine war. When Putin went to North Korea on Wednesday, he gifted Kim Jong Un a luxurious car.

‘NATO trembled….’, Putin gifted a car to Kim Jong, drove the car himself sitting with him, people made such comments

It is against the rules to give anything to North Korea
The interesting thing here is that the rule is that Putin or Russia cannot give anything to North Korea. Gifting anything by Putin to Kim Jong Un or North Korea is against the sanctions. Putin giving this gift to Kim is a violation of the sanctions of the United Nations Security Council which bans the supply, sale and transfer of luxury items to North Korea under resolution 2397 adopted in December 2017. Let us tell you that Western countries including America have also imposed many sanctions on North Korea. The condition of Russia and North Korea is the same in this matter.

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