Questions are being raised on Joe Biden’s candidature, Kamala Harris can win without doing anything


Washington. US President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign faced new challenges on Wednesday. Many prominent Democrats have expressed doubts about his ability to defeat Republican Party’s Donald Trump in the upcoming election. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that ‘it is up to the President to decide’ whether he should continue his campaign or not, while celebrity George Clooney suggested that Biden should not contest the election. Apart from this, many Democratic senators and MPs have expressed their concern about Biden’s chances of winning.

Biden’s falling rating is a cause for concern
Many Democrats leaders have demanded the removal of Biden from the presidential election. This demand has come up after the first presidential debate. Current President Biden’s health concerns and his falling approval rating have troubled the Democrats. Many have proposed the name of Vice President Kamala Harris as a possible candidate. However, she has remained silent on this issue and has given her full support to Joe Biden. According to a New York Times report, Vice President Kamala Harris is also actively considering the presidential candidacy.

3 names discussed with Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris is also discussing the possible names of those who can be her running mate and who will contest for the post of Vice President. Such a candidate should be a white man from a swing state who can help the party get the required votes. The names of three governors of three major swing states are in the race. Kamala Harris is actively considering the names of North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, Kentucky’s Andy Beshear and Pennsylvania’s Josh Shapiro.

This organization was formed to destroy the ‘biggest power’, it has sacrificed millions of people, yet the heart is not at peace!

Political arguments
If Kamala Harris is nominated as the presidential candidate by the Democrats, she will become the first black and Asian American woman to be nominated by a political party for the post. Blacks have traditionally voted for the Democrats and nominating Harris will help strengthen the party’s vote bank, which includes blacks as well as women. The nomination of a white man from one of the swing states will help ensure a much-needed victory in these swing states.

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