Putting his hand in the mouth of a 7 feet long crocodile, saved the life of a dog, 76 year old man set an example of humanity!


The relationship between humans and dogs is very special. You must have often seen dogs showing loyalty to their owners, saving their lives, but have you ever seen an owner doing the same? An elderly man from America did the same, he faced death for his pet dog, and saved its life. This man even put his hand in the mouth of a 7 feet long crocodile (Man save dog from crocodile) to save the dog.

According to the New York Post website report, Florida’s Auwaerter is 77 years old and lives in his house near the Caloosahatchee river with his wife and dog named Roger, an Italian Mastiff (Old man saves dog from alligator). He told that Roger loves water very much. As soon as he goes near the river, he jumps into the water. He always goes to the river with him, but last year, one day something different happened.

The crocodile attacked the dog
He was taking his dog for a walk near the river as usual. The man thought that he should sit on the river bank. Then his dog went swimming alone in the river. He went to the bank of the river, which is a little above the river level. In such a situation, when someone goes into the river, he disappears from the sight of the person sitting far away. The same thing happened with the dog. After a few moments, the man heard the sound of something falling into the river. He immediately understood what could be causing such a sound. He understood that it was a big crocodile, which must have come to the bank.

The man saved the dog’s life
He ran to the shore and saw that the dog was in the clutches of the crocodile. Auwaerter himself was a heavy weight lifter and had trained for it for years, so without any fear he ran towards the crocodile and caught it and started saving the dog’s life. He noticed in the middle that his hand was inside the crocodile’s mouth. He tried to lift the front part of its body and throw it, and saved his dog from that 7 feet long crocodile. In this fight, the crocodile attacked his left thigh and also gave a deep wound to the dog. Even today that mark is on his body. He immediately asked his wife to call 911 and reached the hospital.

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