Preparations have been made to bring down the International Space Station, NASA revealed the plan, handed over the responsibility to Musk’s company


If space photos, videos or any information reaches you or us, then the International Space Station plays an important role in it. This station revolves around the earth every 90 minutes at a height of 400 kilometers above the surface of the earth. Thousands of scientific experiments have been conducted here. All space incidents have been recorded. Even today, many scientists from all over the world are staying in it and studying the activities of space. But now preparations have been made to bring it down. Don’t be surprised… it was already decided that one day its tenure will end. Then it will need to be brought down. Now the American space agency NASA has revealed the plan to bring down the International Space Station.

Astronauts have been visiting the International Space Station for three decades and conducting experiments. But now NASA has said that we will lose it in 2031. Elon Musk’s SpaceX company has been chosen to drop the International Space Station, which is the size of a football field. This company will drop this 430 ton station in the Pacific Ocean. A special vehicle will be built for that right now. It will cost 843 million dollars i.e. about 7 thousand crore rupees.

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