PM Modi will win the elections with the ‘biggest majority’ in the history of India, know who said this


New York. India-US relations expert Ron Somers says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will win the 2024 Lok Sabha elections with the “biggest majority” ever in the history of India. Ron Somers, founder of the ‘India First Group’ and former president of the leading business advocacy group US-India Business Council (USIBC), said that when the Lok Sabha election results are announced on June 4, Modi will be declared the winner.

Somers said, “I believe Narendra Modi will win the Lok Sabha election with the biggest majority ever in the history of the country. This is a tribute to him – to unite a country of 1.40 billion people and 970 million voters in a seven-phase electoral process and make it fair and completely legitimate, and no one doubts the authenticity of the result.”

Speaking at an event titled ‘Developing India 2047’ organised by the Consulate General of India in New York on Thursday, Somers said it shows that India has been following the idea that the policy of “reform and putting India in 2047 mode” has been universal, from former prime minister P V Narasimha Rao to Modi, there has been complete unanimous support on how to put the country on that development path.

The event also featured a special address by Adil Zainulbhai, Chairman, Capacity Building Commission, Government of India and a discussion by a committee. ‘Developed India 2047’ is the vision of Prime Minister Modi. Addressing the gathering, Consul General of India Binay Shrikant Pradhan said that in the words of the Prime Minister, Developed India 2047 is a mission that demands not just ambition but a multi-pronged strategy encompassing economic growth, strong governance reforms, transition to clean energy and scientific progress.

The event was attended by Indian-American diaspora, US officials, policy experts and eminent members of think tanks. Shrikant Pradhan said, “The framework for Developed India 2047 will involve a whole-of-government approach, with extensive consultation and inputs from state governments, academia, industry, civil society and the youth of India.”

Praising the electoral process and the 97 crore voters in India for the Lok Sabha elections, Somers said, “It really makes you wonder why we are not able to have free and fair elections in America. It is really quite surprising that when you can do it at that level in India, why are we facing challenges here.”

Somers said that one of the great legacies that India will leave for 2047 is happening right now with the Indian electoral process. He said, “We are all watching and keeping our eyes on the 97 crore people in India voting for their pride, their dignity, the future greatness of the country. What is happening in India at this moment is really quite extraordinary. And so, if there is a shining light, I hope India can be a beacon as we enter the decade of the future of democracy.”

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