People in Gaza are in need of food, millions of people are facing starvation


United Nations. In the year 2023, about 282 million people in 59 countries were forced to suffer from hunger and the highest number of people faced severe famine in war-torn Gaza. The United Nations (UN) gave this information in the ‘Global Report on Food Crisis’. According to the report, more than 24 million people had to face severe food shortage in 2022, due to the deteriorating food security situation especially in the Gaza Strip and Sudan.

The UN report also showed an increase in the number of countries with food crisis, which are being monitored. Maximo Torero, chief economist of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, said that international experts have set a scale of hunger, in which 705,000 people in 5 countries are in the fifth stage, which is considered a high level. He said that this number is the highest ever since the global report began in 2016 and it has increased four times compared to the number recorded in 2016.

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Worse situation in Gaza
The economist said that 80 percent of the people facing severe famine, i.e. 577,000, are in Gaza alone. At the same time, thousands of people are starving in South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Somalia and Mali. The report has estimated the future scenario that about 11 lakh people in Gaza and 79 thousand people in South Sudan may reach the fifth stage by July and may be forced to face famine. The war between Israel and Hamas has been going on for seven months. According to the report, food insecurity will increase in Haiti due to the conflict.

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