Oh heat! As the temperature started rising, Abraham Lincoln melted while sitting, first his head fell, then his leg got cut off!


You can see the condition of heat. Be it human or animal, everyone is troubled by the heat. When living things are in trouble, how can non-living things remain safe. Recently, the same thing happened with former US President ‘Abraham Lincoln’! He also melted due to heat. You will think that the President is a human being, how can he melt and Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln wax sculpture melts) is no longer in this world! Actually, we are talking about a wax statue of him, which has started melting due to heat.

According to BBC report, a 6 feet tall statue of Abraham Lincoln is installed in the US capital Washington DC (Washington DC Abraham Lincoln wax statue melts). This place is known as Lincoln Memorial. This statue is made of wax. But due to the heat in America, this wax melted. Due to which the shape of the statue changed. First the head of the statue fell, then one leg melted and got cut and another leg melted and became shapeless. The chair on which he is sitting also melted and sank down.

abraham lincoln statue melts

The statue was earlier in a sitting posture, now the photo on the right shows its condition. (Photo: Twitter/@volcaholic1)

The statue has melted before
Now the head of the statue is being repaired. This memorial is at a place called Camp Barker which was a Civil War era refugee camp where African-Americans used to take shelter. Now there is an elementary school at this place. This is not the first time that the statue is melting. Apart from being a statue, it also works as a candle. This statue was installed here last September, but the first statue had about 100 candles, which were lit and the statue melted more than necessary.

The head will be installed by the end of this week
The new statue was installed in February and has fewer lights. It also says that the lights should be turned on and off within 1-2 minutes. A heat wave alert was issued for the DC-metro area this weekend. Temperatures will remain high throughout the month. The statue’s head will be reinstalled by the end of this week.

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