Now space attacks will be thwarted, US Army will deal with them, military exercise will be conducted in Earth’s orbit


The way the threat of war is looming over the world, a big country like America is becoming more insecure. Not only this, new technologies are now creating danger and insecurity in space. In view of this, the military branch of America is going to organize war exercises in orbit. Space System Command (SSC) will create history by organizing the first such event. Its purpose is to prepare the American army for possible conflicts outside the Earth.

The SSC announced this on Thursday, April 11. According to this, the Space Force has signed agreements with two private space companies for its mission codenamed ‘Victus Haze’, which is expected to be completed before the fall of 2025. The command has signed agreements with Rocket Lab National Security and True Anomaly for the mission ‘Victus Haze’ which will provide space vehicles that can control the centers.

These spacecraft, True Anamoly’s ‘The Jackal’ and an unnamed vehicle from Rocket Lab, will demonstrate the US Space Force’s ability to respond to unresponsive behavior in orbit in a realistic, operational environment.

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The US military now wants to strengthen its security in space as well. (Symbolic picture: Shutterstock)

According to a Space Force statement, the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) has awarded a contract worth Rs 2 billion 67 crore to Rocket Lab National Security. It said SpaceWERX will give a contract to True Anomaly. While the total cost of the exercise will be Rs 5 billion, half of which will be borne by the US government and half by True Anomaly. Lieutenant Colonel Mackenzie Bircheno, SSC’s material leader for Space Safari, says the commercial space industry is moving at an unprecedented pace which will provide Space Force with additional options to quickly respond to adversary aggression.

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Another SSC official, Col. Brian McClain, SSC’s program executive officer for Space Domain Awareness and Combat Power, said they “recognize the significant opportunity to leverage innovations from the commercial space industry to counter China as a growing threat to the United States.”

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