Now Israel launches missile attack on Iran, claims to target nuclear plant


Jerusalem/Tehran. The possibility of military conflict in West Asia is increasing continuously. The situation has worsened after the suspected Israeli airstrike on the Iranian embassy in Syria. Iran had recently attacked Israel with dozens of drones and missiles. Now reports of Israel launching missile attacks on Iran are coming out. Some media reports are saying that Israeli missiles have targeted Iran’s nuclear plants. On the other hand, after the media reports of the Israeli attack, Iran has closed its airspace in the western part for traffic. On the other hand, the sound of an explosion was heard at the airport in Isfahan, Iran.

According to media reports, Israel has attacked Iran with missiles. This claim has been made in the ABC News report quoting an American official. It is being told that Israeli missiles have been fired targeting Iran’s nuclear plants. The Israel Defense Force (IDF) said that an emergency siren has been sounded in Arab Al-Aramshe in northern Israel. Usually, common people and local administration are alerted through this. Let us tell you that Israel’s allies had appealed to Tel Aviv to exercise restraint after Iran’s drone and missile attack. However, Israel had clearly said that it will decide when and how to respond to Iran.

Attack on Israel cost Iran dearly, US-UK imposed new sanctions on drone companies

Explosion sound was heard – Iranian media
Iranian media has also reported hearing the sound of an explosion. According to Iran’s ‘Fars News Agency’, the sound of an explosion was heard at Isfahan airport. However, the reason for this explosion has not been confirmed yet. Let us tell you that many nuclear plants of Iran are located in Isfahan. Natanz nuclear plant is also located in Isfahan. In such a situation, hearing the sound of an explosion at Isfahan airport is very serious.

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