Nikhil Gupta’s troubles have increased further due to a court decision? Big update in Pannu case


New Delhi. A major update has come in the case of attempted murder of Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. The way for extraditing Nikhil Gupta, who is being accused in this high-profile case, to America has almost been cleared. The top court of the Czech Republic has ruled in favor of extraditing Nikhil Gupta to America, rejecting his petition and objections. Now the Justice Ministry of the Czech Republic has to take a final decision on extraditing Nikhil Gupta to America. America has accused Nikhil Gupta in the failed attempt to murder terrorist Pannu. Washington had demanded his extradition from the Czech government. After the lower court and the High Court, now the top court has also given a big blow to Nikhil Gupta by giving the green signal to Nikhil’s extradition.

Nikhil Gupta was arrested in Paraguay about a year ago. After his arrest, the US had requested Nikhil’s extradition so that a case could be filed against him in the Pannu case. Nikhil Gupta had filed a petition against this in the Czech Republic court. The trial court (municipal court) of Paraguay rejected Nikhil’s application on 23 November 2023 and ordered his extradition. Nikhil challenged this in the High Court. The High Court upheld the trial court’s decision on 8 January 2024. After this, Nikhil Gupta approached the top court. According to the report of ‘Indian Express’, the apex court has also rejected Nikhil Gupta’s petition and cleared the way for his extradition to America.

RAW officer was involved in the conspiracy to murder Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, sensational claim in ‘The Washington Post’ report

Nikhil Gupta had opposed extradition
According to the report, Nikhil Gupta had opposed his extradition to the US. He had urged the court to take cognizance of the political nature of the matter and scrutinize all the documents. On the argument of Nikhil Gupta’s lawyer, the top court said that the court has not only scrutinized the extradition document provided by the US, but has also thoroughly seen and examined the additional document provided by the USA on Nikhil Gupta’s protest.

American media sensational claim
American media has made a sensational claim regarding the failed attempt to murder Khalistani terrorist Pannu. A report in ‘Washington Post’ has claimed that a RAW officer named Vikram Yadav in America was involved in the conspiracy to attempt to assassinate Gurpatwant Singh Pannu and this move was approved by the then head of the Indian spy agency, Samant Goyal. This claim has been made in a media news. Pannu is one of the prominent leaders of the Khalistan movement and is the legal advisor and spokesperson of Sikhs for Justice (SFJ). The aim of SFJ is to promote the idea of ​​a separate Sikh nation. Let us tell you that the Government of India has declared Pannu a terrorist.

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