Mysterious signal came from space, scientists decoded it, this is for us…


Voyager-1 Signal: The Voyager 1 spacecraft, which was on a journey far away from Earth and among the stars, started sending mysterious signals to Earth, due to which even the NASA scientists present here were surprised for once as to how this could happen. How could a signal come from so far from Earth, although they did not expect this. The spacecraft started sending signals to Earth in November 2023.

When scientists investigated, it turned out that there was a fault in one of the three onboard computers sent on the spacecraft, called the Flight Data Subsystem (FDS). NASA’s Telemetry Modulation Unit on Earth tracked and stored the signal coming to Earth with the help of science and engineering. A NASA engineer successfully decoded this new signal.

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The data the engineer received included a memory readout, a treasure trove of information that included the FDS’s travel codes, the spacecraft’s position, and the root cause of the spacecraft’s loss of connection with Earth. The spacecraft’s signal to Earth has been affectionately nicknamed “Poke” by the Voyager team.

Mysterious signal came from space, scientists decoded it, this is for us...

NASA’s Voyager-1 spacecraft

NASA’s Voyager-1 is more than 24 billion kilometers away from Earth. It takes about 22.5 hours for the signal to reach Earth from there, which means the team has to travel a lot to get their command to the spacecraft.

Recently, a team of scientists studied the readout memory of the spacecraft in great detail, which has revealed the mysteries of many new events happening in our space.

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