Mysterious light flashed in the sky, are aliens sending any message?


Laser Beam From Universe: NASA scientists have recently revealed that the Earth has received a mysterious signal from space. This signal originated about 140 million miles (about 22 crore) away from space. The study revealed that NASA’s new spacecraft “Psyche” had sent it to Earth. At first it seemed that aliens were sending these signals? Actually, after the signal hits the Earth, the process of studying space will accelerate.

NASA launched a space mission in October 2023. The main objective of this spacecraft named ‘Psyche 16’ was to study an asteroid. It is believed that the spacecraft is equipped with Deep Space Optical Communications technology, which is quite rare in our solar system. This asteroid is located in the asteroid belt between the planets Mars and Jupiter.

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Meera Srinivasan, associated with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said, ‘This achievement is important for our project that optical communication can interface with the spacecraft Radio Frequency Comms System. .’

Mysterious light flashed in the sky, scientists captured it, are aliens sending messages from 2 crore KM?

This signal sent by the Psyche spacecraft is very important because despite being 1.5 times the distance from the Earth and the Sun, it was interfaced with the radio frequency transmitter. This will help scientists in the study of the mysteries of space and will also speed up it significantly. The DSOC also successfully interfaced with Psyche’s radio transmitter, allowing it to transmit information and engineering data from the spacecraft directly to Earth.

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