My mother used to irritate me a lot…. The horrifying story of a teacher mother and her son who was studying medicine


New Delhi. A heartbreaking incident has come to light in Florida, USA. Here a 21-year-old youth attacked his mother with a knife as soon as he entered the house. He did not stop until his 46-year-old mother died. It is natural to wonder what happened between the two that made the youth take such a big step. This was revealed during the police investigation. The son, who is studying medicine, said in his statement to the police that he loved his mother very much but she used to irritate him a lot.

The mother was identified as Elvia Espinoza. 46-year-old Espinoza was a primary school teacher. According to the police, during the investigation it was found that the son Emmanuel Espinoza had told his mother on the phone that he wanted to come home this weekend and spend time with her. The mother was very happy to hear about her son’s arrival amidst her medical studies. She had no idea that the son was coming home with the intention of killing his mother.

Son reached home with a knife
According to the police, as soon as the mother opened the door after reaching home, the son attacked her with a knife. After committing the crime, he himself called the police on 911 and informed them about the incident. In his statement to the police, the accused son said that he often got very angry on seeing his mother. She often irritated him for small things, due to which he took such a big step. However, till now it has not been known what happened between the mother and son that day, due to which the son got angry at his mother.

FIRST PUBLISHED : April 8, 2024, 18:01 IST

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