‘Minorities…’ What did America say about religious freedom in India? Questions raised on BJP


Washington. No matter how much America talks about friendship with India, its view of India remains the same old one. That is why questions have been raised about religious freedom in India in the US State Department report. It has even been said that there has been an increase in violence against minorities in India. Concerns have also been raised about hate speech and anti-conversion law. Not only this, this time BJP has also been cornered.

The US State Department releases the International Religious Freedom Report every year. In this, comments are made about the situation of many countries. But for the past several years, India has been criticized in this report. However, every time India has rejected it calling it biased. Last year, the Indian Foreign Ministry had said that such reports are made with the aim of spreading propaganda. America should think seriously about this.

Hatred increased in society
This time the report says that even in the year 2023, the conditions of religious freedom have been continuously deteriorating. There has been a worrying increase in anti-conversion laws and hate speech in India. Apart from this, houses and places of worship of people of minority community have also been demolished. Targeting the BJP, the report says that the BJP-led government has promoted discriminatory nationalist policies, which has increased hatred in the society. The BJP has failed to deal with the communal violence against Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Dalits, Jews and tribals. Religious minorities and people supporting them have been targeted by the laws made regarding UAPA, FCRA, CAA, anti-conversion and cow slaughter. Referring to Kashmir, it has been said that ever since Section 370 has been removed there, people are being persecuted. Many people have been arrested.

The mob attacked the Christians
The report mentions attacks on Christians. Citing data from some NGOs, it has been said that in the last one year, 687 incidents of violence against Christians took place. In Chhattisgarh, a mob of Hindus attacked Christians and vandalized the church. Attempts were also made to convert them. The government has also been criticized by referring to the Manipur violence. Releasing the report, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that people around the world are working hard to protect religious freedom. The report assesses the religious status of about 200 countries. We believe that today crores of people are not respecting religious freedom.

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