Major accident in America: Baltimore bridge collapsed as soon as the ship collided, all the staff of the ship were Indians


Baltimore Bridge Collapses: When a large cargo ship loaded with goods was moving in the Baltimore river in America, suddenly there was a power cut in it due to which the ship suddenly collided with the bridge pillar and this caused a major accident. It is being told that all the crew members on board the ship are Indians. There were about 22 crew members on board the ship. As soon as the ship collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge of the bridge, the bridge sank into the river within seconds. The relief and rescue team immediately reached the spot but at the time when this accident happened, many people and vehicles were on the bridge, so there is a possibility of large-scale loss of life and property.

There is a possibility of large-scale loss of life and property
According to the report, there is a possibility of loss of life and property on a large scale in this accident. So far 6 people have been reported missing but many people have been seen floating in the river. The ship caught fire after hitting the bridge pillar. After this smoke started coming out of it. However, the good thing was that when the ship was moving towards the bridge without electricity, the officials were able to stop many vehicles on both sides of the bridge from moving ahead. Maryland Governor Wes Moore said that these people are diamonds. These people saved many lives.

The ship was going to Sri Lanka
According to the report, this accident happened on Tuesday night at around 1 o’clock local time. The name of the cargo ship is said to be Dali. This ship is 300 meters long. The ship is registered in Singapore and was going to Colombo with goods. It is believed that this ship would have reached Colombo on 22 April but it met with an accident before that. It is also being told that due to the collapse of the bridge, the movement of cargo ships going to many parts of the world through the Patapsco River will be affected and this route will remain disrupted for at least six months.

FIRST PUBLISHED : March 27, 2024, 05:21 IST

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