Maid became the queen of hearts, money raining heavily, woman said- men are scared to go on a date!


There are many beautiful women around the world who became viral on social media overnight. Their fan following is also very strong, due to which they earn in lakhs. One such woman is 26-year-old Lauren Butler. Lauren, who once worked as a maid in people’s homes, is now a social media star and earns lakhs of rupees by sharing her photos and videos. She is the queen of her fans’ hearts. But she has a problem. Lauren told that her dating life is not as exciting as you think. Lauren, who lives in North Carolina, America, is present on Instagram under the name @amouredelavie, where she has 3.4 million followers. Despite this, men feel very insecure in befriending her.

Lauren said that people comment a lot on my pictures and videos. They call me beautiful. But as soon as it comes to dating, people keep quiet. Lauren said, “I think men are afraid of me. I definitely want someone to love me. But I am not getting anyone. However, I am not actively looking for it.” Lauren said that maybe men think that I am too beautiful to date. In such a situation, they worry that I will reject them. At the same time, some people give up the idea of ​​dating me because after seeing my pictures they feel that I have a lot of options. But it is not so.

Sharing her grief, Lauren said that people do not want to know about me. I think men are more interested in my body than actually knowing me. When my fans meet me, they are happy to know how humble and kind I am. But I think the real reason is something else. Maybe they are jealous of a confident woman like me, whereas women working in my field need a supportive man. However, people ask for Lauren’s number by commenting online, but she does not want to give her number to anyone online.

Looking for love in the real world
Lauren told that many people propose me online. They request me to go on a date. They ask for my phone number. But I don’t want virtual love. I am looking for love in the real world. If I meet any fan in real life and he asks me to go on a date, I will definitely go with him. Last year she went on a date with a boy, but it didn’t work out. Lauren said that apart from all this, fans who like my pictures send me a lot of gifts, in which some gifts are very precious and good, while some gifts are indecent. Lauren said that I am happy that I don’t share dirty pictures online. I only post clean pictures.

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