Made a murderer her boyfriend, thought she would change him, but had a dreadful end, the man killed and ate his girlfriend!


There are many people in the world who love to help others. But many times they lose themselves in helping others. A similar thing happened in 2014 with a 45-year-old American woman, Tammy-Jo Blanton. The woman made a murderer her boyfriend (Boyfriend eat girlfriend body part USA), only because she liked him, but apart from that she wanted to change his nature and make him a good person. But you will be shocked to hear what her lover did to her.

According to the report of Daily Star News website, the main character of this story is Joseph Oberhansley. In 1998, when he was 17 years old, he had murdered his girlfriend. His father and brother died early, after which he became addicted to drugs. His girlfriend was Sabrina Elder. When Joseph’s mother came to know that his girlfriend was pregnant, the woman thought it best to keep the girl with her as family. This did not seem right to Joseph. When their child was born, Joseph accused her of infidelity and started torturing her.

boyfriend eat girlfriend body part

Joseph had murdered two girlfriends. (Photo: Daily Record)

First girlfriend killed
Sabrina complained to the police, but by the time the police arrived, he had fled. When he returned home, his nature had changed a lot. It seemed as if he was intoxicated. He had brought a gun with him. He started firing the gun like crazy. When his mother ran out of the room with the child, he shot her in the back. Then his sister took the child safely from there. But Joseph was obsessed with blood, he fired 5 bullets into Sabrina’s head. Then he shot himself in the head and tried to kill himself, but his life was saved. He was imprisoned for 15 years for murder and attempt to murder, but after completing 12 years of his sentence, he was released on parole.

boyfriend eat girlfriend body part

Tammy and Joseph together. (Photo: Mydrim Jones)

Tammy and Joseph met
During that time, Joseph met Tammy, who was about 13 years older than him. The two became friends, Joseph told Tammy about himself and she started trying to improve him. They felt that maybe their love would change the nature of that man. But this did not happen. The love between the two started deteriorating and Joseph started harassing Tammy also. He would also beat her. When Tammy reached office one day in September 2014, her face was swollen. People in his office got worried. He asked to complain to the police but Tammy did not agree. When they could no longer tolerate the relationship, they threw out Joseph’s belongings and changed the locks of the house. Once Joseph tried to enter the house, Tammy complained to the police, but Joseph had fled by the time the police arrived.

Tammy’s body was found
When Tammy did not reach office the next day, people in her office got worried and complained to the police. When the police reached his house, they saw a shocking sight. They saw blood in the bathtub. Tammy’s dead body was there. A part of his head, lungs and heart were cut out using an electric axe. All these parts were found by the police in a frying pan. Joseph later confessed that he had cooked and eaten part of Tammy’s brain. The court sentenced him to life imprisonment without parole. But after a few years, the man appealed against the sentence, however, in the year 2022, his appeal was rejected and he is still in jail.

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