Live: There will be more destruction in Gaza, Hamas said – we are ready for the fight


Jerusalem/Tel Aviv/New Delhi. After the attack by Hamas in Israel, the situation in West Asia is continuously worsening. Despite the appeal of the international community, the war in Gaza is becoming more severe instead of stopping. Ignoring America’s request, Israel has attacked Rafah. Due to this, thousands of people have been forced to migrate. On the other hand, the Israeli Army said that it has found the bodies of three Israeli hostages in Gaza. These include the body of German-born Israeli citizen Shani Louk. After this, the fear of further intensification of the armed conflict in Gaza has deepened. At the same time, Hamas has also said that it is ready for conflict, then why should this violent conflict not continue for a long time.

Hamas fighters entered Israel on October 7, 2023 and created a massive bloodshed. 1200 people were murdered, while 250 other Israeli citizens were taken hostage. This incident shocked not only Israel but the entire world. Expressing its commitment to completely destroy Hamas, Israel attacked their positions. More than 35 thousand people have died so far in the Israel-Hamas war. It is difficult to even imagine the injured and the devastation caused by this war. Apart from this, lakhs of people have had to be displaced.

Relief material reached Gaza
Trucks carrying relief supplies reached the troubled area for the first time on Friday through a floating pier recently built by the US in the war-torn Gaza Strip. Israel has imposed restrictions on the land border amid the ongoing fierce war in Gaza, due to which the supply of food and other essential commodities to the people was disrupted. US military officials estimate that 150 trucks a day can be transported to the Gaza Strip through this wharf. Meanwhile, Israel has intensified the 7-month-long war against Hamas in the southern city of Rafah. After the recovery of the bodies of three Israeli hostages, the possibility of the situation in Gaza getting worse has increased.

LIVE: Palestinian sources in the Gaza city of Rafah told AFP that Israeli forces were carrying out operations in the city of Al-Salam and the neighbouring town of Geneina, as well as on the Philadelphi road on the Egyptian border.

LIVE: According to AFP reports, Israeli air forces have attacked more than 70 Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours, while ground forces continued their operations in eastern Rafah. Due to the Israeli Army’s operation in Rafah in the last 10 days, the exodus of Palestinians taking shelter there has started. At the same time, war has started again between Israeli forces and Palestinian terrorists in the northern part of Gaza.

LIVE: Online footage shared by Al Jazeera shows that many houses have been destroyed by Israeli shelling in Jabaliya city of Gaza. People are busy searching for their loved ones trapped under the debris. At the same time, 15 people are reported dead and many injured in Israeli bombardment at the intersection of a residential area around Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza. A local said that Israel is targeting residential complexes. Today we pulled our children out of the debris. Many families are still buried under the debris.

LIVE: America and aid groups also cautioned that this port project cannot be considered an alternative to delivering supplies by land route. He says that essential food, water and fuel can be delivered to Gaza only through land route. Before the war, an average of more than 500 trucks entered Gaza every day.

LIVE: Aid agencies say food supplies are running out in southern Gaza and fuel reserves are rapidly depleting, while the US Agency for International Development and the World Food Program say famine is already at risk in Gaza’s north. The situation has arisen. Let us tell you that the soldiers completed the work of setting up the floating pier on Thursday and the Central Command of the US Army said that the initial aid reached Gaza at 9 am on Friday.

LIVE: Israel’s military operation continues in southern Rafah. In view of the attack, 6.30 lakh people have fled. According to media reports, 1 lakh more people are preparing to leave the area. At the same time, the United Nations said that if the situation does not improve, then its supplies and other essential goods will run out in a few days.

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