LIVE: Israel’s bloody game in Rafah, tent camp bombed again, Europe divided into two


Tel Aviv. Ignoring the appeals of the world community and American pressure, Israel has further intensified the attack in Rafah. Tel Aviv alleges that Hamas fighters are carrying out attacks from here. After the death of 45 people in the Israeli air strike, once again a big attack has been carried out on the tent camp located in western Rafah. 21 people died in the bombing by Israeli soldiers. 13 women and girls are among the dead. The displaced people in this area of ​​Rafah are forced to live in tents, but now they are also being targeted. On the other hand, an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council has been called in view of the Israeli attack in Rafah. On the other hand, Europe is divided on the issue of giving Palestine the status of a separate country. Spain, Ireland and Norway have formally announced to recognize Palestine as a separate country. Countries like France, Italy, Germany have not yet taken an official decision on this.

LIVE: The common people are bearing the brunt of the fierce fighting going on in Gaza. The relief material being sent by the international community is proving to be very less. The supply of logistics has been badly affected due to the armed conflict. The UN says that 500 trucks of humanitarian aid are needed in Gaza every day, while only about 170 trucks are able to reach. This is proving to be insufficient. In such a situation, the humanitarian tragedy can take an even more terrible form.

LIVE: Israel started the military operation in Rafah in early May. Along with air, the Israeli army entered Rafah in southern Gaza with tanks. Tel Aviv alleges that Hamas fighters are hiding here and attacking Israel. Since the start of the Israeli military operation, 1 million people have fled from Rafah. Most of them are those who took refuge here after bombing in other parts of the Gaza Strip. These people have been displaced several times.

LIVE: After the Israeli attack, the Gaza Strip has started looking like a crematorium. So far 36,096 people have died in this armed conflict. On the other hand, 81,136 people are injured. Many of them are seriously injured and many have become victims of permanent disability. Hamas entered Israel on 7 October 2023 and killed about 1200 people and took dozens hostage. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had declared war against Hamas, promising to release the hostages. Even after months have passed, Israel has not yet been able to release the hostages.

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