LIVE: Israel is about to do something big in Gaza…Army entered with bulldozers and tanks


Tel Aviv. Instead of easing up, the war between Israel and Hamas, which has been going on for months, has been continuously taking a fierce form. Abu Ubaida, spokesperson of Hamas’s Qassam Brigade, said that Hamas fighters have claimed to have taken several Israeli soldiers hostage and killed several soldiers near the Jabalia camp in northern Gaza. The Israeli army has rejected Hamas’ claim. On the other hand, after Israel’s declaration of not following the order of the International Court, the possibility of the situation getting worse has increased. Osama Hamadan, a senior Hamas leader, has refused any kind of talks with Israel. He said that talks give the Israeli military a chance to recover and increase its strength. Amidst all this, Israel has started a new military operation in Jenin of the West Bank. The Israeli army has entered the West Bank with bulldozers, while Israeli snipers have also taken up position on the roofs of the buildings. This is likely to intensify armed conflicts and attacks in the coming times. According to the figures available so far, 35,903 people have died and 80,420 others have been injured in the Israel-Hamas war.

LIVE: Israel has attacked a school near the Jabalia relief camp with a drone. According to media reports, the pace of migration will increase again due to the intensification of Israeli attacks in the northern Gaza Strip. The Israeli army claims that it is attacking Hamas bases and its fighters.

LIVE: The pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has failed to free the hostages even after months, is increasing. People are very dissatisfied with the failure of the Israeli government. They are protesting on the streets. The local administration and police have to use water cannons to control the protesters. Pressure is also increasing on Netanyahu to resign.

LIVE: There is a huge shortage of essential materials in Kuwait Hospital located in Rafah. The hospital management has issued a warning about the shortage of fuel. The director of Kuwait Specialty Hospital (Rafah) issued a warning saying that if the fuel is not supplied, the medical machinery will stop working in less than 24 hours. Director Suhail Al Hams has urged the World Health Organization to fulfill its responsibilities. He said that if the fuel is not supplied as soon as possible, the generators operating in the hospital will stop working.

LIVE: Refusing to accept the decision of the International Court, Israel has further intensified its military operation in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army has started an operation in Jenin located in the West Bank. Snipers have been deployed in the surrounding buildings. At the same time, Hamas fighters are also attacking the Israeli army with homemade explosives and bombs. Israel has demolished many buildings and its operation is currently ongoing.

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