LIVE: Biden’s Gaza peace plan, Hamas’ leniency, but will Israel agree?


Tel Aviv/Washington. The hope of ending the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza for months has increased. US President Joe Biden has suggested a 3-point formula to implement a ceasefire and restore peace in Gaza. Hamas has shown a positive attitude on this. Efforts to advance peace talks with the efforts of Egypt, Qatar and other countries seem to be getting success. Under President Biden’s three-point formula, a ceasefire will first be implemented for 6 weeks. During this time Israeli troops will withdraw from the populated areas of Gaza. Hamas will release elderly and female Israeli hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. In the second phase, Israel and Hamas will hold talks to end the conflict forever. The ceasefire will also remain in force as long as the talks continue. Under the third and final phase, reconstruction work will be started in Gaza devastated by the war. Joe Biden has also advised the lobby active in Israel, which only thinks about war and promotes the policy of confrontation, to change its mindset.

LIVE: US President Joe Biden claimed that Hamas is no longer capable of carrying out another large-scale attack on Israel. He also urged Israel and Hamas to release the remaining hostages and enter into a ceasefire agreement. Biden discussed the eight-month-long war between Israel and Hamas. The Israeli military confirmed that its forces are now preparing to attack the central parts of Rafah. Talking about the three-phase agreement given to Hamas by Israeli officials, Biden said that this is indeed a decisive moment.

LIVE: US President Joe Biden said that Israel has put forward its proposal. Hamas says that it also wants a ceasefire. In such a situation, this agreement is an opportunity to prove whether they really want it. Let us tell you that earlier this month, the ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel was stopped because Hamas had demanded that after the war ends, the Israeli army will completely withdraw from Gaza and in return Hamas will release all their hostages, but Israel rejected this demand of Hamas.

FIRST PUBLISHED : June 1, 2024, 08:01 IST

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