Left a job worth lakhs, got kids’ names struck off from school, now the family is roaming the world, earning 16 lakhs a month!


If you are asked what is the reason for studying? Why do people get a professional or a good degree? Surely, most people’s answer would be to get a better job and career growth. But this does not happen for everyone. Today we are going to tell you about a family who left a job worth lakhs so that they could travel the world. Actually, this couple, who was fed up of asking permission to go on holidays, decided to leave their corporate job and set out to travel the world. These people spent about 56 lakh rupees on a five-month sea voyage around the world for the entire family.

Let us tell you that 38-year-old Tiffany Baker and her 40-year-old husband Mark used to work in the finance field. But in April 2019, they decided to quit their jobs and live life on their own terms. They took their three daughters (9-year-old Giuletta, 7-year-old Penelope and 6-year-old Delia) out of school and embarked on the biggest adventure of their lives. Their 5-month journey was completed through 21 countries and 50 ports, including Australia, Africa, Spain and Singapore. After taking them out of school, the couple decided to teach their children from home. Not only this, they have also decided to work from home.

After completing the 5-month journey, the couple is now preparing for their next trip. This December, Tiffany and Mark plan to travel from their home in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA to Prague in the Czech Republic, where they will see the Christmas market. After this, their journey will continue and then they will go to Marseille, France, from where the cruise will depart. Tiffany and Mark have spent about Rs 56 lakh for a two-bedroom on the cruise. They say that in this cost, apart from staying on the ship, food and drinks will also be available. Real estate investor Mark said that we work hard continuously for 12 months to complete our foreign travel plan.

Mark said that we always wanted to travel the world. We thought that we would also include our children in this tour. But all this was done by my wife Tiffany. She was the first one to talk about traveling the world when we were returning from our holidays in New Orleans, Louisiana. Then she said why don’t we go on a cruise right now? After this we thought about this matter and it proved to be effective. But it was very difficult to accomplish this. While working, one does not get such long holidays. In such a situation, in January 2019, both Tiffany and Mark left their corporate jobs worth lakhs of rupees a month and set out to travel the world with their children.

Tiffany said that our work life was not balanced. We had to take permission to go anywhere and take leave. Children also could not get leave from school. In such a situation, we left the job and took the children out of school, so that we could fulfill our dream. We teach the children at home ourselves. But after leaving the job, there was a shortage of money, so this couple started selling houses. In the last 5 years, these people sold 50 houses. People who bought the house also gave us the facility to rent their houses, due to which we started earning a good amount. From this, we earn about 16 lakh rupees per month.

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