Lawsuit against Apple in the US, several allegations leveled against it for being ‘arbitrary’ in order to monopolize the smartphone market


New Delhi. A lawsuit has been filed in the US against Apple, one of the world’s leading tech companies. It has been accused of monopolizing the smartphone market and eliminating competition. The US Justice Department has said in its lawsuit that Apple is abusing its control over the iPhone App Store.

The BBC report According to the report, the allegations state that the company illegally prevents the growth of apps which it considers a threat to itself and makes its competing products look less attractive. However, the company has rejected the allegations and has decided to fight this case.

According to the information, this case against Apple has been filed in the Federal Court of New Jersey. In this lawsuit, the company has been accused of using ‘many arbitrary rules’ to increase its profits, giving limited access to its hardware and software, while the company is increasing the price for customers and innovation.

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Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a press conference that Apple has maintained its monopoly in the smartphone market, but it has done so not by simply staying ahead of the competition, but by violating federal anti-trust law. The company has violated the rule, so customers should not have to pay higher prices.

In that lawsuit, the company has been accused of abusing its powers in some areas. For example, Apple used its app review process to influence the development of so-called super apps and streaming apps because the company was concerned that such apps were a threat to it, they would provide features at a lower price, which could lead customers away from Apple.

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Apple is also accused of making it very difficult for its competitors’ smartwatches to connect to its smartphones. At the same time, it has blocked access to its tap to pay technology for many banks and other financial institutions. The company earns crores through Apple Pay transactions.

Apple has said that it believes the suit is wrong on facts and law. It will defend itself against it.

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