Iran informed UN about attack on Israel, latest update in 10 points


New Delhi. The military conflict that was being feared in West Asia came true on Sunday. A few days ago, Israel carried out an air strike on Iranian bases located in the Syrian capital Damascus. In this, news came out that Iran’s top commander was killed. After this, Tehran warned of facing serious consequences. Now this warning of Iran has proved true. Iran fired more than 250 missiles while attacking Israel. At the same time, attacks were also carried out with dozens of drones.

10 special things about the attack on Israel by Iran :-

Iran’s permanent member in the UN has written a letter to the United Nations Secretary General informing him about the air strike on Israeli military bases. Tehran, citing Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, called it a step taken under the right to self-defense.

Iran has fired more than 200 drones and missiles at Israel. Most of these were intercepted and neutralized before they could enter Israeli airspace.

The American and British air forces have become active to protect Israel from Iranian attack. Efforts to thwart the Iranian attack have also been intensified.

It has been said that there has been ‘minor’ damage to the military base located in southern Israel. Israel has activated its missile defense system.

There is no report of anyone being killed in Israel in the Iranian attack. A detailed report is awaited.

In view of the air strike carried out by Iran, all the countries in the region have closed their airspace. Along with this, the air defense system has also been instructed to remain on high alert.

Israel’s Western allies and the United Nations Secretary General have strongly condemned Iran’s attack.

America has come out in full support of Israel. Earlier, President Joe Biden had warned Iran about the attack.

Israel called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council. This important meeting will be held on Sunday.

After Iran’s air strike, the commotion has intensified. Israel has said that it will take revenge for this.

FIRST PUBLISHED : April 14, 2024, 08:12 IST

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