Iran attacks Israel, fires more than 270 missiles, America also in range


Tel Aviv/Tehran. Finally what was feared happened. After Israel’s attack on Iranian bases in Syria, the situation has gone out of control. Iran’s top commander was killed in the air strike in Damascus, after which Tehran warned of facing serious consequences. Now Iran has attacked Israel with drones and missiles. US and Israeli military officials have claimed to have neutralized the drones and missiles. At the same time, drones and missiles started shining in the sky as if fireworks had started. There is also information about an attack on the US military base in Iraq. On the other hand, France has also deployed warships to protect Israel from Iran’s attack. The possibility of the situation getting worse in the coming times has increased.

It is known that Israel had carried out air strikes targeting Iranian bases in Syria. Iran’s top commander was killed in this. After this, Tehran had warned of revenge. Israel had become alert from that time itself. US President Joe Biden had also warned Iran not to do this. However, it had no effect on Iran. Tehran finally attacked Israel. Dozens of drones and missiles started shining in the sky of Tel Aviv simultaneously. The Israeli Defense Force claims that it has shot down the missiles and drones fired by Iran with the help of the missile defense system Iron Dome.

Hundreds of missiles were seen in the skies of Israel as fireworks started, watch the video

Israeli forces claim
Israel’s security forces have claimed that more than 200 missiles fired by Iran have been intercepted. On the other hand, America, France and Britain have come forward to neutralize the Iranian attack. The air forces of America and Britain have started the campaign on behalf of Israel. On the other hand, a report in the ‘Wall Street Journal’ claims that France has deployed its warship to protect Israel from Iranian attack. Amidst all this, Israel has demanded the United Nations to call an emergency meeting of the Security Council, so that concrete steps can be taken against the Iranian attack.

American military base targeted
According to the report, US military bases in Iraq have also been targeted. There is a US military base near Irbil Airport. There is information about the attack targeting this military base. Earlier on Saturday, US President Joe Biden had warned Iran not to attack Israel. However, these warnings had no effect on Iran. On the other hand, Iran also warned America in clear words that it should not get involved in this, otherwise it will have to suffer the consequences.

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