India’s star is shining even in America… Indian ‘angels’ are saving everyone’s lives, Pakistan and China don’t even come near them


New Delhi: Wherever Indians live, they keep the star of India high. Indian doctors and engineers are famous all over the world. In America, every fifth immigrant doctor is an Indian. Thousands of Indian doctors and nurses are saving the lives of Americans with their services. Yes, if we talk about immigrant doctors working in America, then India is on top. That is, in the case of doctors, India is the top source country in America. At the same time, India is the second largest source country in the case of registered nurses. China and Pakistan do not even come close to India.

According to a data, India has the highest number of immigrant doctors in America. These include both physicians and surgeons. India is also second in the case of nurses. India is third after Philippines and Mexico in terms of immigrant health care professionals (home health aides and nursing assistants) working in America. Out of 9.9 lakh doctors in America, about 26.5% or 2.6 lakh are immigrants. America has the highest number of Indian doctors compared to any other country. There are 59,000 Indian doctors in America. That is, out of all the immigrant doctors present in America, one in every five (or 22%) is Indian.

Hind’s star shines in America
According to the Times of India, compared to India, there are only 16,000 doctors who were born in China and Hong Kong. This figure is 6% of the population of immigrant doctors who are currently serving as doctors in the US. 13,000 immigrant doctors from Pakistan are serving in the US. This is 5% of the population of immigrant doctors. After India and China, Pakistan is at the second position in terms of immigrant doctors. Immigrant doctors are mostly preferring to work in New Jersey, Florida and New York. These three states are the favorite states of immigrant doctors.

India ranks second in terms of nurses
On the other hand, if we talk about migrant nurses, at least more than 32 thousand nurses in America are Indians. After Philippines, India has the highest number of nurses. 7 percent or 1.7 lakh Indians are among the health workers working in America. This data has been released by the Migration Policy Institute and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are a total of 34.1 lakh registered nurses in America, out of which 5.4 lakh or 16 percent are migrants.

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