India is trying to convince Russia… but China is instigating the spark of Ukraine war, how did the dragon increase NATO’s anxiety?


New Delhi: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for about two and a half years. Even after thousands of massacres, Russian President Putin does not seem to be in a mood to end the war. India is trying to end the Ukraine war somehow. Russia is convincing India to end this war. India has clearly told Russia that peace and dialogue are the only options. But on the other hand, there is China which is not stopping its activities. It is further fuelling the fire of the Russia-Ukraine war for its own benefit.

It is well known that China is fuelling the war by providing arms to Russia. When NATO countries gathered in America on the 75th anniversary, China was the center of their concern. China has increased the anxiety of NATO countries. The way China is keeping the war alive by helping Russia has raised concerns among NATO countries. NATO countries said that China is the real helper of Russia, due to which Russia is launching rapid attacks against Ukraine.

NATO’s tension increased
In fact, in their sharpest reaction against China so far, NATO allies called the Dragon the main supporter of Russia’s war against Ukraine. NATO members expressed concern over China’s nuclear weapons stockpile and its capabilities in space. NATO’s 32 member countries issued a final statement at their summit in Washington. Expressing concern, NATO clearly stated that China is becoming the center point of the military alliance. European and North American members and their allies in the Indo-Pacific are seeing common security concerns coming from Russia and its Asian supporters, especially China.

China became Russia’s helper
In the statement, NATO member countries said that China has become a war promoter through its no-limit partnership with Russia and massive support for Russia’s defense industry. However, China has been denying that it supports Russia’s war efforts. China insists that it does normal trade with its northern neighbor. China has been saying that it does not supply any kind of weapons to Russia. But many reports have claimed that China is indirectly supplying weapons to Russia. China is helping Russia with weapons, missiles and technology in parts.

What did NATO appeal to China
NATO countries say that China’s help increases the threat from Russia to its neighbors and Euro-Atlantic security. We appeal to China, as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, to stop all material and political support being given to Russia’s war efforts. In this statement, China has been referred to by its official name People’s Republic of China, short form PRC.

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