India-Iran’s Chabahar deal irritates America, warns of sanctions


Washington. India on Monday made a big deal with Iran regarding Chabahar Port. Under this 10-year deal between the two countries, India will develop and then operate the Shahid Beheshti Terminal of this port located on the south-eastern coast of Iran. This deal is very important for India and it is being seen as a cut to the Gwadar Port developed by China in Pakistan. However, America is not liking this agreement and has warned of imposing sanctions on India.

The US State Department has expressed displeasure over the agreement between India and Iran regarding Chabahar Port. State Department spokesperson Vedant Patel said in a press conference on Monday when asked about the India-Iran deal, ‘We are aware of the reports that Iran and India have signed an agreement related to Chabahar port. We have imposed sanctions on Iran and we are keeping them in force. Any country… anyone… that does business with Iran should be aware of the potential risks and sanctions that may be imposed on them.

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After this, the journalist asked that this port is being seen as a replacement for the Gwadar Port being developed by China in Pakistan, so keeping this in mind, can Washington give any exemption to New Delhi from the sanctions? Patel replied in just one word, ‘No…’

Why is Chabahar Port important for India?
Let us tell you that India is developing a terminal at Chabahar Port to ease its access to countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The new agreement with Iran will open a trade route between South Asia and Central Asia through Iran, bypassing Karachi and Gwadar ports in Pakistan and ending dependence on arch-rival Pakistan for trade with the Middle East.

This is the reason why India is going to invest 120 million dollars in the development of this strategically important port located in the Gulf of Oman. However, this deal has faced many obstacles in the past due to US sanctions.

'Can impose ban...' America gets irritated by India-Iran deal on Chabahar Port, warns of sanctions

India and Iran are now ready to promote their economic relations, but this latest warning from America reminds of the challenges faced by both the countries. It is also worth noting here that by promoting investment in Chabahar Port, India’s aim is especially to neutralize China’s presence in this region. This is a campaign that can also serve American interests in the long run. In such a situation, it remains to be seen what further steps America takes.

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