If you are traveling by flight, take a bath, otherwise the same thing can happen to you as happened to these passengers!


Every day, crores of people travel by plane in the country and the world. But, sometimes such incidents happen with some passengers which are discussed all over the world. Today’s story is about some such passengers. They had gone to take a flight to their destination for some very important work. But, something went wrong with them inside the plane and due to this, not only one but eight passengers were deboarded from the plane.

Actually, this incident is from America. The news has come in the media quoting the report of news agency AP. It has been said that some black people had gone to Phoenix Airport in America recently to take a flight to New York. All of them boarded the plane. Meanwhile, the airhostess smelled a foul smell coming from the body of a black passenger and she deboarded him along with eight other black passengers from the flight. The three victims of this incident have filed a case against the airlines in a New York court.

Very bad smell from the body
These three passengers who filed the petition did not know each other earlier. They were sitting in different parts of the plane. But a crew member said that all of you are being taken off the plane because an air hostess has complained that a passenger’s body is smelling very bad. The airline gave them the option of sending them by another flight but there was no other flight to New York that evening. After a lot of debate and uproar, these passengers were again made to board the plane.

This disturbed the passengers. They felt very bad. Then these three have filed a case against the airline in New York. Their lawyer Susan Huhta said that if an American airline gets a complaint that there is a black man in the plane whose body smells bad, then this complaint should be investigated. But, the complaint was not investigated.

The solution to this cannot be that eight black people sitting in different parts of the plane should be deboarded. In the petition, these passengers have alleged racial discrimination against them. On this, the airline says that it is investigating the matter. We take every kind of complaint very seriously.

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