‘If we don’t break ties with China…’ Bill passed in US Parliament, this social media platform may be banned


Washington. The House of Representatives, the lower house of the US Congress (Parliament), on Saturday approved a bill which provides that if the popular social media platform TikTok owned by a Chinese citizen does not sell it to its American-owned company, then it can be banned in the country.

The bill was passed in the US Parliament with overwhelming support of both parties 360-58. This is the latest defeat for TikTok in the US, which is fighting for its existence, as the social media company with 170 million users in the US is fighting for the current ownership of its Chinese parent company ‘ByteDance’.

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This bill passed in the US Parliament has set a deadline of six months to sell TikTok’s stake. Both the US parties, Democrats and Republicans, have expressed national security concerns over the app’s owner, Chinese technology firm ByteDance Ltd. The amended provisions in the bill will now be sent to the upper house Senate for approval.

However, even if the law is passed, TikTok will still have up to a year to find a buyer and could potentially challenge the law in court, arguing that it would deprive the app’s millions of users of their First Amendment rights. TikTok has 170 million users in the US.

The bill on TikTok was passed in the US House as part of a foreign aid package for Israel and Ukraine. According to a CNN report, the move is similar to an earlier version accepted by Parliament in March this year, which said that TikTok could be banned if the social media platform does not find an American owner. US President Joe Biden has previously announced that he would sign the TikTok law if it reaches his desk.

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