‘If the girlfriend would have left me…’ PA beheaded his boss, then…


Viral News: A sensational incident is being reported from a tech company in America. The CEO of the company was murdered by his PA. The incident is of Nigeria-based motorbike startup Gokada. The 33-year-old CEO of the company, Fahim Saleh, was murdered by his PA Tyrese Haspil by beheading him. He told the police that he had stolen about 4 lakh dollars. He took this step so that the boss and his French girlfriend Marine Chavez do not get to know about it.

The CEO’s lawyer, Sam Roberts, told jurors in Manhattan Supreme Court that Haspil broke into Saleh’s $2.4 million home without permission, then shocked Saleh and then stabbed him to death. At the same time, the accused’s lawyer appealed to the jury that his client was going through emotional disturbance. He was worried that if his girlfriend finds out that he stole $400,000 (Rs 3 crore 32 lakh), she would leave him. He had only two options – suicide or murder!

Saleh first accused Haspil of embezzling money in 2020. He discovered that $90,000 had disappeared from a corporate expense account. Saleh refused to sue him and gave him time to pay back the stolen money. But instead of paying back the money, Haspil continued to steal from Saleh’s company through a PayPal account and was caught again.

Manhattan Public Prosecutor Linda Ford said that during this time, Haspil was not only planning to commit murder, but also to escape the theft charges. He kept preparing to clear his debts and to prevent Fahim Saleh from filing a criminal case against him, the result of which is with you.

After committing the murder, Haspil bought cleaning items from the market using his credit card. This became the reason for his arrest. Actually, during the cleaning, a price tag fell on the spot, which was found by the police. Due to which the crime of the accused could be proved.

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