If not Biden then who? A new debate has started in the US presidential election, know who are the contenders


New Delhi, The first presidential debate of the US presidential election was held on 28 June. There was a heated debate between the current president and Democrat leader Joe Biden and his Republican rival Donald Trump for 90 minutes. There were many allegations and counter-allegations ranging from the economy to benefiting the rich. But Biden appeared weak in this debate. During the debate, Biden’s tongue was faltering at times, at some places what he was saying was not clearly audible. In such a situation, a new debate has started that if Biden is not the candidate, then who will be in his place?

In fact, after the presidential debate, people who donated to the Democrats raised questions. They said that it seems that Biden has become ‘unfit’. He has no leadership ability left. In such a situation, the question arose that if Biden is not there, then who can be the candidate in his place. In a Forbes report, many prominent personalities have been named as potential candidates.

FIRST PUBLISHED : June 28, 2024, 23:19 IST

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