‘I will defeat Trump’, Biden refuses to give up his presidential bid, gives advice to his own party


Washington, US President Joe Biden once again said that he is not going to back down from the presidential race. He said, I am confident that I am the strongest candidate to defeat Donald Trump. The public is going to choose me once again. In a letter to Democrat MPs, he advised his own party and asked the MPs to stop the drama.

In fact, leaders of his own party are pressuring him to quit the presidential race. They say that Biden is not capable enough to compete with Donald Trump. Industrialists who donate to the Democratic Party are also demanding his removal. Meanwhile, Biden wrote a two-page letter to his party MPs. He said, “The question of how to move forward has been in a lot of discussion for the last one week and now the time has come to end it.”

Unite and Defeat Trump
Biden stressed that the party’s only task is to defeat Republican Party’s presumptive presidential candidate Donald Trump in November. Biden said, “There are still 119 days left for the general election. Everyone should work together for that goal only. Weak resolve or lack of clarity about the campaign ahead will only help Trump and harm us. Now the time has come for us to come together, move forward as a united party and defeat Donald Trump.”

two opinions in the party
Differences are deepening in the Democratic Party over President Joe Biden’s candidacy. Many MPs are becoming vocal about the fact that Biden should withdraw from the presidential candidate race. On the other hand, some of Biden’s most staunch supporters are insisting that there is no other candidate better than Biden to defeat Trump.

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