‘I want to make it clear…we will decide ourselves’, Israeli PM said bluntly


Jerusalem (Israel). After the attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria, the situation in West Asia has worsened considerably. The possibility of armed conflict has increased significantly. Iran openly attacked Israel for the first time. Iran attacked Israel with hundreds of drones and missiles. However, Israel and its allies neutralized more than 300 drones and missiles. Amidst the possibility of Israel’s retaliation and conflict escalation, many countries of the world including the US have appealed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to exercise restraint, but he has rejected it outright. He said in clear words that he will definitely do whatever is necessary.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected calls for restraint from his close allies, saying his country would decide how to respond to Iran’s massive airstrike earlier this week. Israel vowed to respond to Iran’s unprecedented attack, but did not clarify when and how it would respond. In October last year, Hamas fighters ruling the Gaza Strip attacked Israel, killing about 1,200 people and taking many hostage. In response, Israel launched a military operation that is still ongoing and there is a possibility of it taking a more severe form.

Iran Air Strike: 185 drones, 110 ballistic and 36 cruise missiles… Iran’s attack on Israel created panic across the world

PM Netanyahu’s blunt statement
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his cabinet meeting, “I want to make it clear: we will make our own decisions. Israel will do whatever is necessary to defend itself.” It is noteworthy that since the attack, Israel’s allies have been urging it to refrain from any reaction that could escalate the conflict. The foreign ministers of Britain and Germany also reiterated the same appeal during their respective visits to Israel on Wednesday.

Drone and missile attacks
According to the report of ‘New York Times’, Iran attacked Israel with 185 drones. Apart from this, 110 ground-to-ground and 36 cruise missiles were also fired. This filled the skies of Israeli territory. Looking at the video in the media, it seems as if fireworks are going on. According to the report, most of the missiles and drones were fired from Iran itself, while some missiles were also fired from Iraq and Yemen. As soon as the information of the Iranian attack was received, Western countries came forward to protect Israel. US President Joe Biden said that almost all the missiles and drones fired by Iran were deactivated.

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