Husband died 4 months ago, then a man 20 years younger came into her life, then she got a girlfriend, now all three live together!


Polygamy is illegal in India. In Hindu society, people have to take seven vows at the time of marriage. They have to promise to stay together for seven lives. In such a situation, if someone wants to marry again or live with another woman, it is considered illegal. It is mandatory to divorce the first wife to live with another woman. But in many different countries around the world, such relationships have social approval. One such shocking case has recently come to light in America. A widow living in Tampa, Florida, America has made a sensational revelation. The woman’s name is Liz Cannon, who is 49 years old.

Liz Cannon told that in the year 2021, her 49-year-old husband Josh Cannon died of liver disease. During this time, when she was recovering from her grief, 4 months later in the year 2022, she met 29-year-old software engineer Gabriel Castaneda. Both of them met on a roller-skating glass and fell in “love at first sight”. A few months later, both of them got married. Liz, a lawyer by profession, said, ‘My husband wanted me to live my life to the fullest. In such a situation, I decided to get married.’ After 1 year of their marriage, a girlfriend entered their life. Liz said that we both met 43-year-old Fatima. Both of us husband and wife started enjoying spending time with her.

Gradually we started living together and our relationship is getting stronger. Liz said that we go out together, dance and are enjoying life. His family and friends fully support his lifestyle and girlfriend. The couple says that now they follow a polygamous lifestyle. All three got married to each other last year. Liz said that I love Gabriel very much, but both Gabriel and I have our own relationship with Fatima. I know that Gabriel is my angel sent from above by Josh. Liz said that if love and trust are at the center of your relationship, then polygamy will work. However, such relationships are considered illegal even in America.

How did Liz meet her first husband?

Liz told that I met Chef Josh through a friend in the year 2000. We got married the following year after meeting. In September 2012, Josh was diagnosed with liver disease and tragically passed away on December 19, 2021, leaving Liz heartbroken. In such a situation, to overcome the grief, Liz joined a roller-skating class. During the same time, she met her current husband Gabriel, who is a software developer. Liz said that I fell in love as soon as I saw Gabriel. So we exchanged phone numbers, we went for dinner that weekend. When I told Gabriel that I practice polyamory, he also started taking interest. In such a situation, in February 2023, the couple met Fatima, who lives in a different state, through a dating app and immediately a deep relationship developed between them.

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