Hunter Biden: Big setback for Biden before US presidential election, son Hunter Biden convicted, know what it means


New York, Just before the presidential election, US President Joe Biden has suffered a major setback. A court has convicted his son Hunter Biden on serious charges. Hunter has been convicted of illegally purchasing weapons and lying about drug use. Hunter Biden could face 25 years in prison.

This is the first case in American history against the child of a sitting president in which a verdict has been given. 54-year-old Hunter Biden had purchased a .38-caliber Colt Cobra revolver in 2018. Hunter Biden has been found guilty of lying about drug use while purchasing the gun. However, he denied these allegations. But he admitted that he used to consume drugs excessively. He was addicted to alcohol and crack cocaine. Due to this, his father’s election campaign was also affected. He was accused of illegally possessing a gun for only 11 days in October 2018.

What did Biden say after the decision?
According to the BBC report, as soon as the verdict came, Hunter became emotional. He was seen hugging his legal team colleagues. On the other hand, after the verdict, President Joe Biden said that we respect the judicial process. We will soon take a decision on further appeal. He said, we love our son very much. There are many families whose loved ones are struggling with drug addiction. We feel proud to see that one of your loved ones has overcome drug addiction and has become strong and healthy. We are sure that Hunter will also get justice. On the other hand, Hunter Biden said after the verdict that we respect the jury process. We will consider all legal aspects.

Will President Biden forgive his son?
This decision will definitely impact the presidential election. Because Joe Biden is going to participate in a public debate on June 27 in the race for re-election. On the other hand, Trump is also embroiled in a lawsuit. The contest between the two is expected to be fierce. The most important question is whether President Biden will pardon his son? Because he has the power to pardon any culprit. However, the President had earlier said that he would not pardon his son for his punishment.

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