then-what-is-truth-8330309.html Do You Know: Why was the most dangerous swing ‘Roller Coaster’ made? What you know is wrong, then what is the truth?


‘Life is bad, but still there is pride. Life is a pain.’ These are some of the things people mumble when they are in trouble. But some people also say that ‘Life has become like a roller coaster ride’. Roller Coaster Ride, which you can also call the most dangerous or scary swing. Generally, most people must have heard about ‘roller coaster’, but those who don’t know, let us tell them that this is a swing that is crooked just like a jalebi. When people ride it at high speed, their breath gets stuck in the throat. Fear is felt every moment and thoughts come to the mind about what will happen next.

Now from this you can imagine how dangerous this swing is. However, people who like adventure ride it a lot. You will be surprised to know that it was neither made for entertainment purposes nor for adventure lovers. Then the question arises that why was it made at all? In such a situation, let us tell you that roller coaster was built in the 19th century to keep people away from uncivilized, immoral behavior. According to Smithsonian Magazine, before 1884, most Americans visited courtesans or engaged in gambling. He had become addicted to it after the Civil War.

In such a situation, like many Americans, a man named LaMarcus Adna Thompson also started worrying about the debauchery of the rich and he had to do something different for his countrymen. It is said that he once went to Pennsylvania. There he saw something different. Actually, in a town called Mauch Chunk, some people were climbing an old mining railway just for fun. Mining work there had ended. Despite this, people were ready to spend up to $1 for an 80-minute ride on that train. In this people used to go from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

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Thompson got the idea of ​​Roller Coaster from the same train. They returned back to Coney Island. Here he started building roller coaster. In this way, the world’s first roller coaster was completed in 1884. During that time people used to ride it by paying 5 cents (8 paise). That is, the roller coaster was not built for adventure rides, but to keep people away from gambling addiction and the dens of courtesans. Thompson, who created this ride for the first time in America, is called the father of the American roller coaster.

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