How many Indians became American citizens in one year? Shocking report surfaced


Washington: The number of Indians becoming American citizens is continuously increasing and a report has also come out regarding this. In the year 2022, at least 65,960 Indians officially became American citizens and with this, India has reached second place after Mexico in terms of the number of countries whose people have got American citizenship.

According to data from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, an estimated 46 million foreign-born people lived in the US in 2022, which is about 14 percent of the total US population of 333 million. According to the latest report of the independent ‘Congressional Research Service’ (CRS) on ‘US Naturalization Policy’ (US Citizenship Policy) for FY 2022 dated April 15, 9,69,380 people became US citizens in FY 2022.

The report said, ‘The number of people born in Mexico was the highest among those who got US citizenship. After this, people from India, Philippines, Cuba and Dominican Republic got US citizenship in the highest numbers.’ CRS reported that in 2022, 1,28,878 citizens of Mexico became US citizens. After them, people from India (65,960), Philippines (53,413), Cuba (46,913), Dominican Republic (34,525), Vietnam (33,246) and China (27,038) got US citizenship.

It said that by 2023, the number of people from India among US citizens of foreign origin was 2,831,330, which is the second highest number after Mexico (10,638,429). After this, China (2,225,447) is next in this list. The CRS report also said that about 42 percent of the foreign citizens born in India living in America are currently ineligible to become US citizens.

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