How is America responsible for the death of Ibrahim Raisi? Connection revealed, Iran is also helpless


New Delhi/Tehran: Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi has died in a helicopter crash. America connection has come to light in the death of Ibrahim Raisi. America may not be directly responsible for Raisi’s death, but this accident definitely happened because of it. From the links that have come to light, it is clear how Ibrahim Raisi became a victim of American sanctions. The helicopter that crashed in which Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was an outdated and basic chopper. Since America has imposed sanctions on Iran for decades, it does not have aircraft and choppers equipped with the latest technology. This is the reason why Raisi had to board an outdated helicopter, the production of which had stopped decades ago.

In fact, after the 1979 revolution, Iran was hit by sanctions. These sanctions largely prevented Iran from purchasing new aircraft or aircraft components from US or European suppliers. Because of this, both military and civilian operators of Iran are banned from purchasing aircraft from American aircraft company Boeing Company and European aircraft company Airbus SE. And so for the last few decades, Iran has had to depend on old and poorly functioning aircraft-helicopters.

Iran uses audited aircraft
According to Bloomberg report, Iranian airlines operate some of the oldest aircraft in the world, with the average age of their fleet being more than 25 years. Some such aircraft are still flying in Iran, which have been retired in the rest of the world. That is, Iran is still using such planes which are no longer in use in the rest of the world. These include McDonnell Douglas MD-83 and Airbus A300 and A310. McDonnell Douglas was acquired by American company Boeing about 27 years ago.

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Bell 212 is also an American model
Aljazeera and several media reports claimed that Ibrahim Raisi was aboard the Bell 212 helicopter. The Bell 212 helicopter is an American model that first entered service in 1968 and was discontinued in 1998. Now from this it can be estimated that how Iranian President Raisi was traveling in an outdated helicopter. Another Iranian Bell 212 crashed in the Persian Gulf in 2018 while airlifting a worker, according to the Iranian Oil Ministry website.

Iran has old and basic helicopter-aircraft
However, after the 2015 nuclear deal with the US, Germany was preparing to help upgrade Iran’s helicopter fleet. This was an agreement that eased sanctions for a period of time, but new supplies of helicopters from Germany never materialized because that agreement broke down under the Donald Trump administration. The result is that Iran flies some of the oldest and most basic helicopters still in use today. Iran relies on the skills of its engineers to find ways to keep aircraft and their parts airworthy with limited access to them. However, now it is getting help from Russia and China and some supplies are also being made. But Iran is still deprived of modern technology from America and Europe.

How is America responsible for the death of Ibrahim Raisi?  Connection revealed, Iran is also helpless

Raisi was traveling in Bell 212 helicopter only.
It is noteworthy that President Ibrahim Raisi died when he was returning after inaugurating a dam in Azerbaijan on Sunday. There were two more helicopters in his convoy. That means three Bell 212 helicopters were in his convoy. But nothing happened to the two helicopters, but their helicopter crashed, in which nine people including the Foreign Minister were aboard. Everyone died in this helicopter crash. Since this incident, it has been said that if Iran had modern-day high-tech helicopters and aircraft, Raisi’s life might have been saved. For this reason, it is being said that Raisi became a victim of American sanctions.

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