How did China make a ‘big mistake’ in the Russia-Ukraine war? America exposed the truth, but will it be able to punish the dragon


New Delhi: It has been more than two years since the Russia-Ukraine war. The massacre is still going on. The whole world is trying to end the war somehow. India also wants the war to end. Peace should be established between the two countries through talks. But on the other hand, there is China, which is adding fuel to the fire. China is continuously providing military and technical help to Russia. China, which threatens on every issue, does not want the war to end. America itself has exposed China. America has said openly that China is helping Putin in the Russia-Ukraine war. American Ambassador to Beijing Nicholas Burns said that China giving technical help in the form of missiles and other weapons to Russia in the attack on Ukraine is ‘a big mistake’.

America has exposed China in its own home. In a speech given in Shanghai, the financial center of China, US Ambassador Nicholas Burns also said that Russia’s attack has entered the third year. It has become an ‘existential crisis’ in Europe. Burns said, ‘We believe that it is a big mistake to allow thousands of Chinese companies to send so many components, technology components, microprocessors (and) nitrocellulose to Russia to strengthen and strengthen the defense industrial base of the Russian Federation for this terrible war.’

The US ambassador said that China is ‘not neutral, but has effectively taken Russia’s side in this war’. He said that this decision contradicts China’s long-standing principle of emphasizing ‘sovereignty and territorial integrity’. Let us tell you that China insists on not providing direct military assistance to Russia, but it has maintained strong trade relations throughout the conflict. Also, meetings between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping keep happening.

However, China has not yet responded to this comment of America. This comment was made during a program on China-US relations. The US ambassador has made this important comment at a time when there is a lot of conflict in the relations between China and America. America and China are face to face on issues ranging from Taiwan to Tibet. The bitterness between the two has increased a lot. Both America and China do not miss a single opportunity to attack each other. Now that America has come to know that China has helped Russia in the Russia-Ukraine war, the question is whether America will take any major action. Will NATO countries including America tighten the noose on China further?

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