High speed havoc in US, 3 Indian women died, a car jumped 20 feet in the air


New Delhi: A heartbreaking incident has happened in the US state of South Carolina. Three women from Anand, Gujarat lost their lives in a fatal car accident here. The victims, Rekhaben Patel, Sangeetaben Patel and Manishaben Patel, died when their speeding SUV went off the road, jumped at least 20 feet in the air and after jumping, crossed all lanes of Greenville County and collided with trees on the opposite side of the highway.

Speaking to local media outlets, the Greenville County Coroner’s Office said that the SUV was traveling north on I-85 at a high speed when the accident occurred. Officials said the accident occurred on Interstate 85 at Staunton Bridge Road around noon (local time). “When the vehicle crossed all four lanes of traffic, it actually struck the trees at least 20 feet above the ground,” said Mike Ellis, chief deputy coroner at the Greenville County Coroner’s Office.

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He further said that after the collision, the car rolled down a road. He further said that all three women were living in the US state of Georgia. He said that ‘it is clear that they were traveling above the prescribed speed limit.’ He further said that no other vehicle was involved in the accident. He said, ‘Very rarely do you see a vehicle that leaves the road at such a high speed that it crosses 4 to 6 lanes of traffic and collides with trees for about 20 feet.’

Emergency services, including the South Carolina Highway Patrol, Gant Fire and Rescue and multiple Greenville County EMS units, were dispatched to the scene immediately after the crash. He said the only survivor of the crash suffered injuries and was hospitalized.

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