He had become poor in Covid, then he started trying his luck again, he got such a treasure that the poverty of seven generations was eradicated!


He became unemployed during the Covid days. His financial condition became very fragile. Then he faced a survival crisis. He had nothing left to lose, but he had a lot of faith in luck. He and his wife started trying their luck again. They used to do such work regularly, then suddenly luck knocked on their door. And they got so much wealth that the poverty of their seven generations was eradicated. This is the story of a couple from New York, America. The couple who were engaged in making ends meet suddenly became millionaires. That too not through any lottery but completely relying on luck.

According to a report in The Guardian newspaper, this couple does ‘magnet fishing’ in a lake in New York. Metals are extracted from water through magnet fishing. In this, a powerful magnet is attached to one end of the fishing thread. This causes the metals present in the water to stick to it. Then the person doing fishing collects and sells them and earns money.

Good luck during fishing
The couple who went fishing is named James Kane and Barbie Agostini. Like other days, they had once again gone fishing in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens on May 31. While they were fishing, they realized that a heavy object was stuck to the metal. That object was a metal box. They somehow managed to take it out of the water. At that time, they did not realize that their lucky treasure was hidden in this metal box. Then they carefully opened that box. Then their lucky treasure was opened. That box contained an amount of one lakh dollars (about 83 lakh rupees) in 100 dollar notes. However, these notes were slightly damaged.

After this, the couple informed the New York Police about this. But the police also believed in their luck and said that you keep this money. The police said that this couple has not obtained this money through any wrong means. There is no crime associated with it. In such a situation, this money belongs to the couple. The police also said that there is no way to identify who is the real owner of this money. In such a situation, only the couple who gets it is entitled to it.

FIRST PUBLISHED : June 3, 2024, 13:12 IST

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