Had to donate 12 thousand rupees online, the person accidentally pressed the wrong number, then something happened, changed his luck!


Donating is a virtuous act. Often, donating to the needy not only helps them, but the one who donates also feels better about himself. In this way, he contributes to the society. But a person donates according to his capacity. However, many times such mistakes are made while donating that people regret why they donated at all! Something similar happened with an American man, who accidentally donated so much money (Man made wrong donation) that by the time he realized it, the money had already been deducted.

There is a group on the social media platform Reddit called r/tifu. A few months ago, a man told about his strange experience on this group, which should make you cautious. The man said that he and his wife are both 31 years old and they had shifted to a new apartment in San Francisco (USA). A 70-year-old retired soldier used to live next to their house, who believed in Sanatan Dharma and used to donate in Bangladesh. The man thought that he would also donate.

TIFU by donating $15,041 to a poor community in Bangladesh instead of the $150 donation I intended.
byu/lazybear90 intifu

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