Had an eye on husband’s money, wife mixed poison in coffee, had plan to kill him, but CCTV exposed the truth, now…


If a man gets a good wife, she makes his life successful. She supports him even in difficult situations. But if the life partner is not good, then easy situations also become difficult very quickly. The same thing happened with an American man who works in the American Air Force. The man’s wife (Wife poison husband coffee) tried to kill him. But a CCTV camera exposed her truth. Now that woman is on the verge of going to jail.

According to the report of Daily Star News website, Melody Felicano Johnson is 40 years old and she is accused of murdering her husband. Actually, she tried to mix poison in her husband Robbie Johnson’s coffee on July 11 and July 18 last year. Her husband came to know about this from the CCTV camera, which he had secretly installed in the house. Melody has applied for a short sentence in jail.

wife poison husband coffee

The woman could face up to 2 years in prison. (Photo: Prima County Sheriff’s Office)

The woman wanted to kill him for property
She will be sentenced on May 10. She can be sentenced to a minimum of 2 years. Melody, a resident of Arizona, is currently under arrest on a bond of Rs 2 crore. According to the documents filed in the court, Robbie felt that his wife wanted to kill him just to get his property. Due to this suspicion, he had installed CCTV cameras in the house. Both of them also have a child. Both were going through the divorce process when Melody tried to poison him.

Camera installed to catch wife
From March 2023, the husband started finding the taste of his brown coffee a bit strange. During that time he was posted in Germany, the whole family was there. Then Robbie started pretending to drink coffee, but he would actually throw it away. After a few weeks, he returned to his home in Arizona and installed cameras in the house so that he could know what was in his wife’s mind. On July 6, Robbie gave the first video footage to the police, but the police did not believe it because the evidence in it was not clear. Then Robbie set up a second camera in the house and called it a fire alarm. On July 18, he gave the second footage to the police, in which his wife was seen mixing poison in the coffee.

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