Get out of here… Trump thrashed Biden, said- you can’t survive the debate


Washington: The trumpet for the presidential election has been blown in America. Let us tell you that the presidential election is to be held in America in November this year. In view of this, the presidential debate is going on here. Donald Trump targeted Joe Biden a lot in the presidential debate. After this, in an election rally held in Virginia, Trump celebrated his performance in the debate.

Trump claimed that Biden would not be able to survive the next 90-minute debate. During his entire speech, Trump tried to corner Biden on several issues. He told Biden that the country “does not want” him and “get out of here.” He said that Biden is not dropping out of the presidential race. Trump said, “After last night’s performance, many people are saying that Joe Biden is dropping out of the race, but the truth is that I don’t believe so.”

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Trump accuses presidential debate of being rigged
Trump also claimed that the debate moderators were in cahoots with Biden, implying that Biden was attempting to manipulate the debate. According to TOI, Trump continued to paint a horrific picture of America, repeating lies about doctors killing babies after birth and making baseless allegations about immigrants taking jobs from black and Hispanic Americans.

Kelly is a lost soul: Trump
When reminded by Biden that Trump’s former chief of staff John Kelly had said Trump had called deceased military veterans “stupid” and “failures,” Trump denied the accusation and insulted Kelly, calling him “the dumbest of them all” and “a lost soul.”

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