Gangster Himanshu Bhau’s wings were clipped in America, his closest associate was arrested



Sahil, who is very close to notorious gangster Himanshu Bhau, was caught in America. A Red Corner Notice was also issued against Sahil by Interpol.He was running his empire from India while sitting in America.

New Delhi. A good news came for Indian investigation agencies on Thursday. The wings of 21-year-old notorious Haryana gangster Himanshu Bhau, who used to get murders done in India from America, have been clipped. According to the news coming from sources, Himanshu’s very special henchman Sahil has been detained in America. A red corner notice was also issued against Sahil by Interpol. NIA had also announced a reward on Sahil. Indian security agencies are constantly monitoring the situation in collaboration with US agencies since the news of Sahil’s detention. Now it has to be seen whether he is handed back to India soon or not.

Sahil, a resident of Rohtak in Haryana, has been in the US with Himanshu Bhau for a long time and is running his syndicate from there in India. According to the agencies, ‘Sahil fraudulently used fake addresses and fake identity documents to obtain a passport. With the help of which he fled abroad to escape the investigation going on against him in India.

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Murders are being carried out in Delhi-NCR and Haryana from America…
Investigation revealed that no person named Sahil Kumar lives at the address given in the passport and neither has any person matching the photograph in the passport ever lived there. The identity documents shown by Sahil Kumar to get the passport were found to be fake. According to the police, just like Himanshu, his partner Sahil also has criminal cases registered against him like murder, attempt to murder, extortion, criminal conspiracy. He is getting murders done in Delhi-NCR, Haryana and Punjab while sitting in America. Recently, the Special Cell Counter Intelligence Unit killed Ajay Goli, a gangster very close to Himanshu Bhau, in an encounter.

Who is Himanshu Bhau?
Gangster Himanshu Bhau is a resident of Ritoli village in Rohtak, Haryana. He is just 21 years old. In the year 2020, at the age of 17, Himanshu opened fire on a youth of his own village in a minor quarrel. This incident led to the entry of Himanshu, who was studying in school, into the world of crime. After the firing, Himanshu was arrested, but he was a minor so he was sent to the juvenile correction home in Hisar. He managed to escape from the juvenile correction home.

Is Himanshu getting murders done in Delhi from Portugal?
Police say that Himanshu Bhau has been connected to Neeraj Bawana gang. He is currently sitting in Portugal on a fake passport. While staying there, he has the power to get anyone killed in Delhi, Rohtak, Jhajjar, Sonipat of Haryana and many cities of Punjab. It is said that he has been plotting against Lawrence Bishnoi gang for some time now.

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