Flights to Tehran suspended, Iran said – nuclear plant is safe


Tehran. After the air strike on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, the capital of Syria, the situation in West Asia is continuously getting worse. The whole region is on the brink of war. A few days ago, Iran attacked Israel with more than 300 drones and missiles. Israel claimed to have neutralized 99 percent of these drones and missiles. Now Israel has responded to this. Ignoring the appeal of friendly nations to exercise restraint, Israel has attacked Iran with missiles. Media reports are claiming to target Iran’s power and nuclear plants. However, Iran has rejected these reports. On the other hand, flights to Tehran and Shiraz have been suspended.

ABC News quoted Iran’s state media as saying that flights to Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz have been suspended. The decision to suspend flights has been taken after reports of an explosion near Isfahan airport. The explosion took place in Kahjawaristan, near Isfahan airport. It is located between the airport and the 8th Shekhri Army Air Force Base in northwest Isfahan. This place is considered very sensitive strategically and tactically.

Israel Attack Iran Live: Israel attacks Iran, claims to have fired missiles on nuclear plant, explosion at airport

Nuclear plant is safe
Amid reports of damage to Iran’s nuclear plant, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has declared the country’s nuclear plant completely safe. According to a report by news agency IRNA, a senior IRGC commander, Brigadier General Ahmed Hajtalab, has declared the nuclear plants completely safe. Brigadier General Ahmed Hajtalab is the chief of the IRGC unit that is responsible for the security of the nuclear plant. He also said that his fingers are always on the trigger so that a befitting reply can be given to any kind of misadventure.

Dimona power plant is also safe
Media reports are claiming that Iran’s Dimona power plant has also been damaged. The IRGC spokesperson has clarified the situation on this. According to the news agency IRNA, the IRGC said that there has been no damage to the Dimona power plant. It is completely safe. They called the report false in which it was claimed that the wall of the Dimona power plant had collapsed. At present, due to Iran and Israel, the possibility of a fierce military conflict in the entire West Asia has increased further.

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