First praised, then stopped for 54 days… Now US frees the ship with Indian crew


Baltimore Bridge: Remember the ‘Francis Scott Key Bridge’ disaster in Baltimore? In this accident, a cargo ship collided with the bridge. After which the bridge collapsed like a deck of cards. The cargo ship which caused this accident has now been abandoned. The cargo ship has again ridden the waves of the sea after 54 days. Actually this accident happened on 26 March. Let us tell you that even America had praised the Indian crew member. America had said that the Indian crew member had sent the SOS message in time due to which the loss of life was minimal. Six workers died in this accident.

On March 26, Dali collided with the 47-year-old ‘Francis Scott Key Bridge’ of the city. In this collision a large part of the bridge fell and collapsed. Since then this ship was stopped at the incident site itself. Even though this cargo ship was from Singapore, all the crew members in it were Indians.

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Cargo ship abandoned after 54 days
It is known that the cargo ship was going to Sri Lanka with more than 4700 containers. The ship reportedly lost power en route and collided with a pillar of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. After the accident, a large part of the bridge collapsed into the Patapsko River. The cargo ship was removed from the accident site for the first time on Monday morning, clearing the way for ships to resume travel through the Port of Baltimore.

The ship had closed the route after the collision
After the accident, the Port of Baltimore was closed until further orders. Six construction workers were killed in this accident. After the accident, ships were facing a lot of problems in moving in the Baltimore Harbor area. It is believed that a lot of damage was also caused. The cargo ship was partially blocking the entrance to one of America’s busiest ports after the collision.

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